Monday, December 30, 2013

Strange World; Winter Wonderland

Did you know there is a bunch of dwarfs having a "Winter Wonderland"-party in the mountain side behind Ironforge? Wel, there is, they are called Dun Morogh Sledders, and they are sledding all the way down to Gnomeregan, and walking back up again! They even have a cave with a cozy fire, and a dog named Ollie. Every Alli should visit here for their winter holiday! ;)

Nearby the Sledders there is a plain crashed into the mountain and further down the mountain side there is some remains.. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Lucky Girl!

I think my hunter have used all her luck for some time, today!
Yesterday I was in Mount Hyjal doing some pet battles, and as always when I'm there I have to check if Terrorpene is up, as he is one of the coolest hunter pets in this game, and the only turtle I really want on my hunter, and I really need a turtle for tanking (using Sgt. Pepper, a scarab beetle at the moment). As usual I had no luck, couldn't see him anywhere, I read up on him (again!) and did som pet battles just in case, but he was nowhere to be seen (with a estimated spawn time of 6-12 hours it's no wonder why), but I also noticed there where no other hunters around (usually I see 2-3 other hunters hanging around, hoping to get the chance to tame him). This morning when I woke up, I had to log right back in, just in case (compulsive, no not me!), and there he was!!! Right below me, I had no time to look for other hunters or to think, I just landed my mount and startet taming, and now he is mine!!! I'm so lucky! <3

He is so gorgeous I just had to name him Precious!

And! Later, the same day I was doing some pet battles (again), in Pandaria, when I killed a random mob (I think it was a Virmen of some kind), just because it was in my way, it actually dropped Chief Engineer Jard's Journal!!! According to Wowhead it has a VERY low drop rate (0.9%). This Journal contains 5 engineering recipes; two companions, Pierre and Rascal-Bot (which is incredible cute), AND a recipe for the amazingly Sky Golem mount! All excitement put aside, it's gonna take me at least 30 days to make a Sky Golem since it takes 30 Jard's Peculiar Energy Sources, and I can only make one every 24 hours… It is SO gonna be worth the wait! And I know one boyfriend who is gonna be sooo pleased <3

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Strange World; War of the Critters

Sometimes, flying around Azeroth, you vitness the most peculiar things… When you are flying from Thunder Bluff to Stonetalon Mountain or Desolace, you might spot a sight that makes you look twice and maybe even pinch your arm to be sure you aren't dreaming, it's just that surreal! In the north eastern corner of Mulgore there's a plateau called Stonetalon Pass, and the critters that live there are at war. Yes, they really are at war! And I don't mean that they are just chasing eachother around, wel, thay are doing that aswel, but now and then they grow bigger and they get some interessting war accesorizes…

You can see Thunder Bluff from the plateau 


 Prairie Dogs


Just look at that size! A normal sized Prairie Dog to the right...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Strange world; the Whispering Forest

I think this is one of the biggest ingame secrets/strange places in World of Warcraft right now, and if you haven't been there yet, you should travel there immediately! I can't promise you will witness the spectacular sight at your first visit, but it's worth coming back once in a while to see if things are happening…

The Whispering Forest is located in Tirisfal Glades in Eastern Kingdoms, just west for Deathknell, the Undead starting area, and you need to use a flying mount to get there. On the map this just looks like a mountain area with a lake, but when you arrive there is a small forest with mobs of level 80 + (although Tirisfal Glades is a level 1-10 zone). The mobs here are Tirisfal Stags, plague-infected Tirisfal Does and Tirisfal Fawns and a plagued bear. There is also critters/battle pets like rats and bats here.

Deathknell behind me, looking into the Whispering Forest

Stags, Does and Fawns live in the Whispering Forest

The lake visible on the zone map is also here, but it is nameless. On a small Island there is a small fishing camp with amazing details, the poor angler is reduced to bones, apparently stabbed in a private area…

On the bottom of the lake there is a crashed plane with a gnome skeleton next to it.

But the reason to visit the Whispering Forest, is the fairy ring. A circle of big white, glowing mushrooms, they are fascinating on their own, but if you hang around for a while there might spawn a Fey-Drunk Darter near the circle, one by one they will spawn until they are seven, surrounding the Fairy Ring. I think there is about 20-45 minutes between each spawn, so this will take some time! When they have all arrived they flutter around for some time, then they suddenly gather around the circle and the magic begins! I think the time from when they have all spawned until the ceremony begins may vary, the first time I witnessed it, it took about an hour.

 The first Fey-Drunk Darter has arrived

Just fluttering around

Gathering around the Fairy Ring

And then the magic starts!

The music is magically beautiful, and the animated notes insinuate that they are singing 

The forest animals are gathering around

And then it's all over…

The whole event ends abruptly after maybe 2-3 minutes, the Darters fly off and despawn, the forest animals wanders back into the forest and everything goes back to it's quiet, normal self…

I think this is one of those small things that make World of Warcraft such an amazing experience, this is what makes me wanna stay in Azeroth, even after many years! And I think everyone that is playing WoW, should seek out events like this, because it is pure digital magic!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Strange World; Grohl Grohl the Drum Master

I really have to give credit to my boyfriend for this funny little find, as it was he that stumbled upon Grohl Grohl in his well hidden cave by the beach in the north-western part of Kun Lai Summit in Pandaria. Grohl Grohl is a very much energic hozen, constantly running back and forth playing his drums. According to Wowhead, he has one ability: Alert Drums - Pounds upon the drums of war, calling for reinforcements. Wel, he sure is busy!

It seems likely he is a reference/tribute to Nirvana and Foo Fighters Dave Grohl.
I just love Blizzard!

Could we come in please? 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Strange World; the dino crate in Netherstorm and the lost ship in the Twisting Nether

Netherstorm in Outland is kind off a strange place itself, with the gigantic domes, Area 52 and all the dinosaurs! But I want to show you two other strange things in this zone:

Isn't it awesome?! A crate formed as a dinosaur, when seen from above! 

The location of the dinosaur crate shown on the map of Netherstorm

The Twisting Nether is the nowhere-zone all around Outland, and if you wanna fly from Hellfire Peninsula to Netherstorm, you're flying right through it, right through nothing! There isn't even a map when you have entered the Twisting Nether, but it isn't entirely empty actually...

A map of Outland surrounded by the Twisting Nether

A lost ship in the middle of nowhere, 
how on earth, I mean how on Azeroth did that end up out here? 

The easiest way to find the lost ship is to fly out from Kirin'Var Village